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The finest grade of Cashmere wool is known as “Pashmina” and comes only from the Capra Hicus Goat, which inhabits the Himalayan Mountain regions of Kashmir and Tibet . Only 1/5 the thickness of a human hair, it take four goats to produce enough of this rare wool to make one 36”x 80”shawl.

Pashmina wool is prized the world over for its extraordinary softness and warmth. This precious wool is generally hand loomed with silk to add to its durability and sheen. For centuries, artisans in Kashmir have been weaving incredibly luxurious shawls from this amazing wool.

We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of shawls in 100% pure Pashmina, 70% Pashmina - 30% Silk and 50% Pashmina - 50% Silk. We dye the fabric in 180 various colours utilizing the finest quality Azo-free dyes.
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