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The craft of producing Crewel work began in Britain and it's small colony called America during the Jacobean period which ran from 1602 –1649. It was during this time period that Britain established its first presence in India. It was sometime in the late 17 th century that skilled artisans in Kashmir began producing Crewel Work fabric. Much of this production was made for the British market. Today's market for Crewel is worldwide and our company is recognized as one of the major manufacturers and exporters. 

The colorful, timeless designs composed mostly of flowers and vines are drawn from nature and limited only by the artisan's imagination. Crewel is unique in its ability to compliment almost any style of interior décor. We have an enormous collection of designs and samples available for our customers and of course we welcome designs from our customers as well. Shown below are just a few samples from our vast line.
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Crewel Work fabric is entirely hand made. The base fabric is “dosooti,” a hand loomed cotton duck measuring 54” wide (137 cm) and may be a natural off white colour or dyed in a variety of colours. The incredible patterns are hand embroidered in fine-spun woolen yarns utilizing a hook needle. Yarns are either single or 2 ply 110-count wool. The fabric is available in full rolls of approximately 25 yards. Although safe for cold hand washing we recommend dry-cleaning to prolong the life.The main uses for Crewel fabrics are draperies and curtains, upholstery, bedspreads, pillows, tablecloths and various decorative accents.
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